Coming Soon! Our annual open shanty session on Sunday January 26

We’ve found a cure for the post-December doldrums

Now that the party season has faded into your rear-view mirror, fancy leftovers are long gone, and lights and decorations taken down, what’s the point of going out?

We wanted an annual celebration but didn’t want it to be lost in the flurry of December holidays. So we’ve been hosting an open shanty session in late January (or early February) for the last three years — a two-hour session in the back room of the Tipper Restaurant, a local venue that is a great supporter of the local arts community.

We’ve booked the room this year for Sunday, January 26 with singing from 7-9 pm. Come earlier and have dinner. Friends, shanty fans, and shanty-curious are are all welcome to bring their voices and their own shanties to lead as we sit around long tables and make the rafters roar. There’s no cover charge, a good food and drink menu, and it’s a great way to sail into the New Year. Here’s our full list of events.

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